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Autran Amann Autran

Amann, born in Aix-en-Provence on October 9, 1980, is a self-made musician who discovered his passion for music at a young age. With a diverse array of musical influences, ranging from classical compositions to disco and funk, Amann developed a keen ear for melody.

From his early years, he displayed a remarkable aptitude for self-motivation and creativity. He began his musical journey by playing the family piano at the age of four and later delved into bass, synthesizers, drum machines, and other instruments.

Amann's journey has been marked by unwavering dedication to learning music by ear and practicing rigorously. He honed his skills on piano and bass, gradually expanding to become a multi-instrumentalist. Guitar, while introduced later, became an integral part of his musical arsenal.

Amann's creative philosophy revolves around sincerity and directness. He values authenticity, believing that life is an ongoing learning process where mistakes are valuable lessons. His music often serves as a form of self-motivation, setting personal milestones to propel him forward on his creative path.

Life is a game where no one really knows the rules, but the most important thing is to take an active part in it to feel fully alive, even during the painful stages.
— Amann Autran

Amann's journey has not been without challenges. In 2017, despite attracting interest from major record labels, Amann faced rejection due to his age and perceived image. He refused to sell his tracks and was determined to stay true to his artistic vision. This experience served as a painful turning point, inspiring him to undergo a transformative journey. After deep introspection and self-questioning, he shed over 22 kilograms and embarked on a path of self-improvement, including reshaping his image. It was during this process that he discovered that he was highly gifted in IQ.

Throughout his journey, Amann discovered the power of collaboration. The most significant moment arrived when he met Léa, a creative partner who shared his life perspective. Together, they sing songs that resonated deeply with their artistic vision.

Amann's life and music journey exemplify his enduring passion for music, unwavering dedication, and the resilience to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and transformation. His journey continues to inspire and drive his creative endeavors.