Autran The band, the Duo

The Autran duo, comprised of Léa Testard and Amann Autran, sprang from an unexpected artistic encounter that swiftly bore fruit. Their story began during a music festival in 2019, where destiny brought together these two creative souls who had not previously crossed paths.

Léa is a singer with an enchanting voice, capable of expressing herself across a broad musical spectrum.
On the other hand, Amann is a multi-talented artist and a a self-made man deeply passionate about music, instruments, and the art of creation.

we don't want to fit into any particular mould
— Amann and Léa, Le régional

It took approximately a year for these two artists to become musically acquainted. Over time, they realized that, both on a personal and artistic level, they complemented each other perfectly. Their dedicated work and artistic synergy yielded electrifying pop-style musical creations that define Autran's unique signature.

Hence, the Autran band embodies audacity, talent, and the belief that music transcends barriers and prejudices. Their tracks, infused with exceptional creative energy, continue to captivate and inspire an ever-expanding audience. Guided by the charisma and creativity of its members, Autran continues its musical ascent under the Daround Records label.