Member biography

Autran Léa Testard

Léa Testard is born on March 26, 1992, in Salon-de-Provence, France.

From her earliest years, Léa displayed a remarkable talent for music. She began singing at a tender age, and her voice resonated with a natural and innate musicality. In addition to her solo pursuits, Léa also participated in various choral groups, showcasing her vocal prowess. Léa expanded her musical repertoire by taking up the guitar, using it to complement her enchanting singing. This addition to her skill set added depth to her musical abilities and contributed to the band Autran's distinctive sound.Léa's journey has been marked by a profound dedication to her craft, a commitment that has only grown stronger with time. As a vital part of the band Autran, she brings her unique energy and creative spirit to the forefront, contributing to the band's distinctive sound. Léa's music journey is a testament to her determination and a deep connection to her art. Her partnership with Amann has resulted in a powerful creative synergy that has led to the creation of songs that resonate deeply with their artistic direction.

For me, music is a refuge and accompanies all my emotional states, whether joyful or sorrowful.
— Léa Testard

In her personal background, Léa faced the loss of her mother, a motivating force who always encouraged her to pursue her passion for music. Her mother's support remains a cherished memory and an inspiration that continues to drive her creative endeavors. The night Amann first heard her voice at an open stage, he briefly glimpsed Léa's mother in the audience, a poignant and rare moment that left an indelible mark on their journey.

Outside of her musical pursuits, Léa's love for music extends beyond her performances. She has a deep appreciation for various musical genres and has a particular fondness for electronic music. Léa enjoys attending electronic music festivals, where she immerses herself in the dynamic and vibrant atmosphere of live electronic performances.Léa's zodiac sign reflects her bold and passionate approach to life and music, a dynamic force in the band's journey