Autran's Portrait Featured in Le Régionale Next Wednesday!

We're thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Autran is making headlines, and we're delighted to announce that a special "portrait" of our journey and music will be featured in Le Régionale next Wednesday.

What's Le Régionale?

Le Régionale is a reputable publication known for spotlighting artists, musicians, and creative minds from our region. It's a fantastic opportunity for us to share our story, music, and aspirations with a broader audience.

What to Expect

In this exclusive feature, you'll get an inside look at Autran's musical journey, our inspirations, and our future endeavors. We're excited to open up about our passion for music and the creative forces that drive us.

How to Read the Feature

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for next Wednesday when 'Le Régionale' unveils our portrait. You can access it through their website or pick up a physical copy if you're in the region.

##Stay Connected To stay updated with all things Autran and be the first to read our portrait, follow us on social media and visit our website. We can't wait to share this milestone with you! Join us in celebrating this moment as Autran's story comes to life in 'Le Régionale.' We're grateful for your support on this incredible journey.

Amann & Léa