Tune In Today! Autran Takes the Spotlight on 'L'Aiolive' with Éric Thomas on France Bleu Provence

Get ready for an exciting day filled with music and conversation as Autran steps into the spotlight on the renowned L'Aiolive show presented by Éric Thomas on France Bleu Provence. We invite you to join us for a delightful musical journey and insightful conversation.

About L'Aiolive and Éric Thomas

L'Aiolive is a beloved show on France Bleu Provence known for showcasing talented musicians and engaging in thought-provoking discussions about the world of music. Éric Thomas, our gracious host for the day, is a seasoned presenter with a passion for music and a keen ear for exciting new talent. What to Expect During the interview, we'll dive deep into the world of Autran. You'll get a chance to learn more about our musical journey, our creative process, and the stories behind our tracks. We'll share insights, anecdotes, and the inspiration behind our music, making this an unmissable opportunity to connect with us on a personal level.

How to Tune In

To be part of this musical experience, simply tune in to France Bleu Provence at 18:45 (local time) on the designated date. Whether you're a long-time fan or just discovering our music, we can't wait to connect with you through the airwaves.

Stay Connected

Stay updated with all things Autran by following us on social media and visiting our website. We'll be sharing more details about the interview as the date approaches, so keep an eye out for exciting announcements!

Join us today for a special musical rendezvous on L'Aiolive with Éric Thomas on France Bleu Provence. Let's make it a day to remember!